EFT gets amazing results with ADHD Children

There is an amazing support group based in Newcastle called ADHD parents support group North Down.  Janet Cunningham set it up in June 2017 and the association of parents and children is an active group working out how best to resource their children with the tools they need.  This is a very proactive group and one I am very proud to be working with.

Two of the children I have taught Tapping /EFT with were involved in a video that was shot for the association to celebrate the first birthday. 

Ryan and Jack are twin boys aged 6. Ryan has ADHD.   After the interview, Ryan was quite hyper and Jack was really wanting to show me how well he was doing with his tapping.  The camera was rolling and I thought it would be a great opportunity to see if we could capture the fast and immediate effects of tapping around emotions. 

Within this 2 minute video, you can see how Ryan on the right is finding it almost impossible to put his hands on his heart and take 3 deep breaths to start the session.  Within a matter of minutes of taping, you can see how he has relaxed, calmed and to finish the session, compare the request of putting hands on heart and take 3 deep breaths. 

EFT is known as Emotional Freedom Techniques.  It is amazing to bring calm to emotions and helps with stress, anxiety and very quickly you can bring your body back to a place of peace and relaxation.  It is always best to book in for a 1-2-1 session to get a full brief on how to use the technique and also to experience how it works in various aspects of your life.  

Sit back, relax, this 2 minute video brings up so many emotions for me - from laughing hysterically to crying at how fast this wee soul Ryan can find peace.